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firing on the suburbs. the economy here is devastated. and these shops are empty. there's no tourism. international sanctions are strangling businesses. and there is no end to this war in sight. josh? >> terry, thank you. and he'll be taking an inside look at the battle for damascus and what it means for u.s. national security tonight on "world news" and "nightline." >>> meanwhile, back here at home, new details about a potential motive in the newtown, connecticut, school shooting. gunman adam lanza may have, in fact, been competing with another serial killer. "the hartford courant" newspaper reports authorities found news articleses in lan za's bedroom, about the killing spree in norway, carried out by anders brevik, who bombed buildings at a youth camp, killing 77 people. the investigation is still ongoing. any theory now is purely speculative. >>> and new information on what left the carnival cruise ship stranded in the gulf of mexico last week. forcing 4200 passengers and crew to live on the boot for nearly a week without power and plumbing. the coast guard now blames a leak in a
coming from china are having devastating consequences on the u.s. economy. in short, u.s. investigators are accused china of economic espionage, of stealing research and design. this allows them to compete without stealing billions on innovation and product development. if this is true, americans should care because it's costing them countless jobs. they are calling this the biggest transfer of wealth in history. >> we saw one of a cyber pearl harbor. and the white house is preparing to take action. >> reporter: this week, they are announcing plans to help private companies in identifying and mitigating such attacks, george. >>> we're going to go to the white house, where president obama will appear later this morning, to warn against the next budget crisis that's coming fast. automatic spending cuts to hit every government program in just ten days. abc's jon karl has more on what we expect to hear from the president. good morning, jon. he's going to ratchet up the pressure on congress. >> reporter: he sure is. he's trying to shame congress to do something to replace the cuts. and this
. it's a concern because of what's going on generally in the economy and with households. a bit of a cash squeeze. the payroll tax came back. and tax refunds have been slower this year than last. and walmart's core customer spends whatever cash comes in. and that seems like it might be squeezing things. gasoline prices on the rise again. a lot of this is coming together. and a concern for the walmart customers. >> is this a walmart problem? or retail in general? >> it seems like walmart's on the front lines of this issue because of their customer base. it seems as if we have our alert pretty much sensitive right now to any weakness in the consumer because of the bigger picture factors that are beyond walmart. >> and the frustration coming up. that could put a damper on the economy. walmart will be releasing their earnings next week for the last quarter. but what does this say about executives? still not learning their lesson about what you can and can't say in e-mails? >> i'm not sure we're ever going to get around that. basically business right now is constructed for rapid resp
dragging down the overall economy. prices are now rising at the fastest rate since 2005. and in washington, some $85 billion in government spending cuts are due to take effect on march 1st, threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs, unless lawmakers can find a way to compromise. >>> and workers at apple, who long boasted their macs are immune to viruses, have fallen victim to the hackers that hit facebook and twitter. the attack is traced to eastern europe. apple plans to release a software update for mac users. >>> and finally, she is at it again. a dramatic, new eruption at italy's mt. etna, sending a fountain of fire. one might even call it -- >> magma. >> -- shooting into the sky. experts say she may be entering a new period of increased activity. we all want you to know how hard it was to book the tectonic plates for robin's return. to "gma." we got it done. when that crossed the wires yesterday, there was hosanna. >> josh, thanks so much. >>> oscar pistorius, back inside a south african court for the second day of his bail hearing. stunning details being released by police this morni
. house democrats leading a on house the will affect the economy. take effect on march 1 from left the white house and congress find a way to stop them. if they go through, the d.c. hard.ould be hit news channel 8 will have an in- depth report on the impact at the top of the hour. here is jamee whitten with what's happening on the roads. >> rock creek parkway, all lanes , athe southbound direction reported after beach drive merging onto the parkway. coming offis needed connecticut avenue. we have delays after the across thessing 110 14th street bridge. 395.ic cannot get to in springfield, a longstanding crash is gone. jacqui jeras has a look at the forecast. >> it's a beautiful day. on the chilly outside. very few clouds. we will see more sunshine than anything today. degrees. a wind chill of 18. 11 in hagerstown, 14 at dulles. culpeper feels like 20. mostly sunny today. be breezy. temperatures will make it in the 40's, but it will feel like 30. tomorrow we could steal little sleet mixing. >> thanks for joining us. sleet mixing. >>[ woman ] boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)